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Dear RVA Theatre-goers,

I am sorry to announce that 3 Penny Theatre will be closing in June, 2022, at the end of the 2021-2022 theatre season. 3 Penny is not closing because of covid or any other catastrophe that can strike a theatre. No, it is closing because I am retiring.

Before I retire though, 3 Penny has a full season of plays to enjoy. In October 3 Penny’s season started with “Sherlock Holmes”. Next up in December is “A Christmas Carol: a ghost story for Christmas” (More information is below and on the UPCOMING PRODUCTIONS page)

Then in April comes the play “Almost Maine” with the entire 3 Penny company: Mark, Ray, Ann, and Brandy. (Find out more about each member by clicking on the ABOUT tab at the top of this page.) “Almost Maine” is a romantic comedy about love and loss set in the mythical town of Almost, Maine. The New York Times said this comedy explores “the sudden thunderclap of love and the scorched earth that sometimes follows”. If you enjoyed the 3 Penny production of “Later Life”, you won’t want to miss “Almost Maine”.

In May 3 Penny will present a reading of the complete play “Court Days”. (In October of 2019 3 Penny presented a reading of Act 1 of “Court Days”, then was to present the entire play in April 2020. This production was canceled because of covid.) “Court Days” is the story of Prince Henry county Virginia before the Civil War. It’s a quiet place until an enslaved person is accused of murdering their master, but the trial doesn’t go the way you’d think it would. “Court Days” is based on an actual antebellum trial featured in the the groundbreaking and prize winning history Israel On The Appomattox by William and Mary professor Melvin Ely.

Finally, in June 3 Penny will bring down the curtain with the show that started it all – “Life On The Mississippi: an evening with Mark Twain”. Come travel up America’s great river with the man who knew it best as your tour tour guide.

These are 3 Penny’s plans for it’s final season. But after covid, I’m always keeping Robert Burns’ famous quote in mind – “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” So, if we have to make any changes, we’ll let you know.

I hope to see in the audience.


Ray Carver

Founder and 3 Penny Company Member

CLICK on “Upcoming Productions” on the menu above to find out more!

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