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Every Saturday night for over twenty-five years, Richmond has been listening to stories about living up north in Minnesota on NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion. But that changed this August, with the debut of  The Rivah Home Companion, a night of live music, comedy, and storytelling all about Richmond.

The Rivah Home Companion, a new play by local playwrights Ray Carver, Lisa Carter and Derek B. Gayle, was presented live on stage as a radio show without a single reference to Norwegian bachelor farmers. Instead, Richmonders sat back and enjoyed tales of Southern cooking (with butter of course), a re-enactors dating service, the Richmond Sweet Tea Party from the American Revolution, breaking news about another impending snow storm, music and more. The Rivah Home Companion highlights the strangest, funniest and most unique aspects of living in Central Virginia in both the past and present.

This show was featured in an edition of Richmond’s magazine, Style Weekly.

Written by: Lisa Carter and Derek B. Gayle
With additional material by: Ray Carver

Directed by: Ray Carver
Assisted by: Ellen Bode and Lorrie Carver

Starring:  Andrew Isola, Ray Carver, John Bagley, Briana Nick, Derek B. Gayle, Jonathan Lebolt, Will Atkinson, Jill Isola, Lisa Carter.
The Band: Scott’s Addition

Production Crew: Lorrie Carver

View the trailer and promotional photos below!


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